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Widex Mind 440 Hearing Aid

Research indicates that almost 50% of interviewed tinnitus patients use music to relieve their tinnitus. By playing background music or environmental sounds, the tinnitus patient will not be as likely to listen attentively to their tinnitus as when in silent surroundings (Tyler 2005). Inspired by this finding, Widex has developed the Zen program which plays soothing fractal tone music generated by the hearing aid.

Clinical Trials: Widex has some preliminary research showing that approximately 35% of people with tinnitus who use the Zen program daily over a 6 month period noticed improved coping.

How to Use: This hearing aid includes a Zen music system.  This music is a type of fractal music which is a special type of non-repetitive music produced using a mathmatical calculation.  There are 5 types of Zen music to choose from.  It sounds like new-age type music and the Widex website has examples you can listen to.  The Mind 440 is also beinWidex Mind 440 Hearing Aidg offered with Zen noise as an option in addition to the fractal music.  A Widex rep told me the Zen noise is pink noise.  Pink noise is essentially white noise with the high frequencies filtered out.  The frequency range of pink noise is similar to the range of everyday sound.  People can use the hearing aid as usual, or can listen to their choice of Zen music or Zen noise through the hearing aid.

Hear the difference

Zen is available in 3 Models  mind220 , mind330 and mind440 hearing aids.